Definition of starwort in English:



  • Any of a number of plants with starlike flowers or leaves.

    Stellaria (family Caryophyllaceae), Callitriche (family Callitrichaceae), and other genera: several species, including the lesser stitchwort (S. graminea)

    ‘When it grows on mud in low-water conditions, the leaves of water starwort are oblong.’
    • ‘Young leaves of common starwort are edible, raw or cooked as a potherb.’
    • ‘River water-crowfoot, water starworts, water cress and lesser and greater pond sedge.’
    • ‘Fully aquatic vascular plants, such as starworts, colonize shallow water, and mosses and algae extend into deep water.’
    • ‘The mountain starwort is a small, slender, rather delicate perennial that is usually less than eighteen inches in height.’



/ˈstärwərt/ /ˈstɑrwərt/ /ˈstärˌwôrt/ /ˈstɑrˌwɔrt/