Main definitions of stat in English

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Pronunciation /stat/ /stæt/


  • 1Photostat.

    • ‘Wonderful reviews... I'll send you stats of all the notices.’
  • 2Statistic.

    • ‘Thanks to the PGA Tour's new ShotLink statistical program, stat geeks around the world can revel in this type of information.’
    • ‘That's what got my stroke average under 70 for the first time - the stat that matters most.’
    • ‘Another mildly interesting stat was the fraction of papers submitted from Europe - 44.6%.’
    • ‘Why is the correlation between this stat and winning so great?’
    • ‘Liddle had no source for that clever stat, but it doesn't matter.’
    • ‘Evolution's stat engine lets you analyze your tendencies and improve your techniques.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, I figured the benefits to you outweigh any unhappiness reduced page view stats bring to me.’
    • ‘Let's take the first stat in the first bullet point.’
    • ‘I don't scrutinize my stats page to see from where and with what link people are reading my blog.’
    • ‘Adding tracking to the site gives stats on the pages people have come from.’
    • ‘The most interesting thing about stats pages is not the number of hits received but the bit that tells you where people come from.’
    • ‘Now most people would read that stat, be a bit shocked and turn the page, but not Dr Russell P Fitton III.’
    • ‘If you look here for the Downloadable Tools page, you can download a nice, free stat program.’
    • ‘With this stat, Maxim joins the elite ranks of Cosmo, Glamour and a handful of other titles that thrive at the newsstand.’
    • ‘While the stats paint a troubling picture, the profession is taking steps to help mitigate the problem.’
    • ‘Safety stats show that you are twice as likely to have a mishap at a local FBO than with an aero club.’
    • ‘All campaigns are sent individually, with no sharing, and you receive a stats report at the end of the campaign.’
    • ‘Crawford still makes too many outs, an important stat that receives far too little attention inside and outside the game.’
    • ‘The Hall has never barred anyone who is eligible and set the record for a significant stat.’
    • ‘And I get a link back to that gambling site appearing in my stats, which don't get indexed by any search engine.’
  • 3Thermostat.

    • ‘The Mat stat is a simple, economic thermostat, designed to be used with heat mats to a maximum of 100 watts.’
  • 4Statistics.

    • ‘a stat sheet’

Main definitions of stat in English

: stat1stat2


Pronunciation /stæt/ /stat/


  • (in a medical direction or prescription) immediately.

    ‘I want you tucked up in bed, stat’
    • ‘What are you paging everyone stat for?’
    • ‘They stat paged me to come to the emergency room.’


Late 19th century abbreviation of Latin statim.