Definition of state-owned enterprise in English:

state-owned enterprise


  • A large organization created by a country's government to carry out commercial activities.

    ‘sate-owned enterprises still employed 45 per cent of Poland s industrial workforce in 1998’
    • ‘Air traffic control here is done by Airways New Zealand, a state-owned enterprise.’
    • ‘Poland is not alone in capping the salaries of state-owned enterprise managers.’
    • ‘The Labor government wants to divide the state-owned enterprise into four companies.’
    • ‘The factory was previously the largest state-owned enterprise in the city, employing around 10,000 workers.’
    • ‘He introduced new consumption taxes, cut business taxes and pledged to privatise every major state-owned enterprise within three years.’
    • ‘Moreover, governments in some countries often require multinational firms to enter into ventures with domestic state-owned enterprises.’
    • ‘In the long run, however, competition will encourage reforms in inefficient state-owned enterprises.’
    • ‘To demonstrate our loyalty, we do more than 35 percent of our business with state-owned enterprises.’
    • ‘In the 1980s and 1990s a state-owned enterprise could get a lot of benefits, like loans and government support.’
    • ‘And inefficient state-owned enterprises can't be shut down abruptly because they employ tens of millions of people.’
    • ‘Can they reduce the role of state-owned enterprises by privatization of state assets?’