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state capitalism

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  • A political system in which the state has control of production and the use of capital.

    ‘It is difficult to see how, under the conditions of capitalist globalization, African socialism could be much more than a form of state capitalism where bureaucracies try to run the economy with very limited resources.’
    • ‘Its exponents want a modernising revolution from above, pioneered by both business and the government, promoting state capitalism.’
    • ‘There are debates to be had among revolutionaries and socialists, for example on the permanent revolution, or on state capitalism.’
    • ‘He did not step up economic liberalization, professing a policy of state capitalism.’
    • ‘What Chirac (and a large portion of the French Left) are calling for is a form of welfare state capitalism that is distinctively French.’


state capitalism

/ˌstāt ˈkapədlˌizəm/ /ˌsteɪt ˈkæpədlˌɪzəm/