Definition of State Enrolled Nurse in English:

State Enrolled Nurse

(also SEN)


  • (in the UK) a nurse enrolled on a state register and having a qualification lower than that of a State Registered Nurse.

    • ‘Mrs Morris landed the post despite fierce competition and will receive £20,400 a year - about twice what she earned as a State Enrolled Nurse back in 1989.’
    • ‘Barbara Ewing became a State Enrolled Nurse in 1969 and then a State Certified Midwife in 1971.’
    • ‘In order to be eligible for registration as a nurse with An Bord Altranais, a State Enrolled Nurse must successfully complete a nursing conversion programme in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Tracy trained at Wharfedale General Hospital in Otley and qualified in 1985 as a State Enrolled Nurse, subsequently working on all of the wards including 5 years in the Minor Injuries Unit.’
    • ‘The Nurses are Registered General Nurses, State Enrolled Nurses and Health Care Assistants, employed to provide day and night nursing.’
    • ‘In the United Kingdom, the State Enrolled Assistant Nurse (SEAN) was introduced in 1948 and was subsequently renamed the State Enrolled Nurse.’
    • ‘The registers of State Registered Nurses from 1921 and State Enrolled Nurses from 1944 are available here, as is the surviving index of those women who served in the Land Army during the Second World War.’
    • ‘Vicky trained at the Central Middlesex Hospital in London as a State Enrolled Nurse from 1967 to 1970.’
    • ‘Applying to do her nursing training, she was advised to write the entrance test for the three-year State Registered Nurse Course, but at 18, the two-year State Enrolled Nurse program sounded more attractive.’
    • ‘Some of the objectives of this ‘student ward’ are to stimulate professional development for students, nurses, State Enrolled Nurses and teachers through a close collaboration between the school and the hospital.’
    • ‘The retirement of a State Enrolled Nurse in December 2001 provided the opportunity to upgrade this vacancy to a staff nurse.’
    • ‘Anthony Carr's commitment to nursing education was amply demonstrated in his skilful chairmanship of the Working Party on the Education and Training in District Nursing for the State Enrolled Nurse in 1980.’
    • ‘We would like to thank: Mrs. Belinda Bennett and Miss Annette Tavender, State Enrolled Nurses, University of Plymouth for their help with information on the Charing Cross four layer bandaging procedure.’
    • ‘The nurses were employed in Britain as State Enrolled Nurses.’
    • ‘The college aims to become a student driven institution committed primarily to teaching and learning and playing a major part in developing knowledgable, skilled and proactive State Registered Nurses and State Enrolled Nurses.’
    • ‘In the 60s, there were two nursing qualifications: State Registered Nurse, or State Enrolled Nurse.’
    • ‘The nurses in the operating theatres were Registered General Nurses or State Enrolled Nurses.’