Definition of state of emergency in English:

state of emergency

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  • A situation of national danger or disaster in which a government suspends normal constitutional procedures in order to regain control.

    ‘the government has declared a state of emergency’
    • ‘Currently, the country is under a national state of emergency.’
    • ‘Mr Neptune declared a national state of emergency on Wednesday in part because of the continuing clashes.’
    • ‘It was only a matter of time before they called for a national state of emergency to be imposed and the troops to be sent in to the countryside.’
    • ‘Chavez said he would only consider declaring a state of emergency if the situation required such a measure.’
    • ‘El Salvador President Francisco Flores declared a national state of emergency.’
    • ‘In a nationwide state of emergency, the security police seemed to be everywhere.’
    • ‘By February 8 the situation had escalated further with the declaration of a state of emergency.’
    • ‘It gave support to the government's initial state of emergency, declared for a twelve-day period.’
    • ‘Algeria has been in a declared state of emergency since 1992, therefore the wartime scales are liable to apply.’
    • ‘The president could also declare a state of emergency and rule by emergency decree.’