Definition of state of war in English:

state of war

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  • A situation when war has been declared or is in progress.

    ‘General Noriega's forces were in a state of war with the US’
    • ‘The US executive has, in effect, declared a permanent state of war.’
    • ‘And should the talkers determine not to be derailed, they'll find themselves still in a state of war at the end of their peace talks.’
    • ‘The way to protect innocent enemy soldiers, as David suggests, is by no longer being in a state of war - which may demand winning the war.’
    • ‘We are in a state of war… there will be a prolonged effort by our government to make sure that these attacks cannot continue.’
    • ‘Then the Alien Enemies Act gave the president the authority to confine or deport aliens of an enemy country during a state of war.’
    • ‘He invokes Hobbes in explaining we are in a state of war.’
    • ‘Torture is a crime under international law and cannot be justified under any circumstance such as a state of war or any other public emergency.’
    • ‘Such attacks are supported by the international community as the defense of a sovereign nation in a state of war.’
    • ‘The United States was plunged into a state of war yesterday by an enemy it could not see.’
    • ‘America is, after all, as President Bush said immediately after 11 September, in a state of war.’