Definition of state premier in English:

state premier


  • The chief minister of a government of an Australian state.

    ‘when it comes to the crunch, the state premiers always roll over and do what Canberra says’
    • ‘The State Premier has already demonstrated his willingness to respond to big business demands for improved investment conditions.’
    • ‘The acting state Premier said: "We had this more than a decade ago in Western Australia."’
    • ‘He had not lost an election since becoming state premier in 1998.’
    • ‘Faced with the prospect that top scientists would migrate to NSW, other state premiers followed suit.’
    • ‘I'm appreciative of the cooperation that I have received from the state premiers on this issue.’
    • ‘Just last Friday, in a show of solidarity, all Australian state premiers were photographed together, vowing to fight the proposals.’
    • ‘All the state premiers have received legal opinions warning of the likely invalidity of the agreement.’
    • ‘You're just about to put your plans to the State premiers that you want them to cede their industrial relations powers.’
    • ‘Quite frankly, the Prime Minister and state premiers showed that they need better and wiser advice on this issue.’
    • ‘The Leader of the Opposition supported it weakly, but many other political leaders, including state premiers, denounced it.’