Definition of State Registered Nurse in English:

State Registered Nurse

(also SRN)


  • (in the UK) a nurse enrolled on a state register and more highly qualified than a State Enrolled Nurse.

    • ‘Trained as a State Registered Nurse and State Certified Midwife at the Royal London Hospital in Mile End.’
    • ‘Agnes Molloy emigrated to England in her late teens and trained as a nurse in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, where she qualified as a State Registered Nurse.’
    • ‘The applicant is a person who is a mature student having in the past been a State Registered Nurse and having also worked as a principal consultant for one of the leading audit accountancy and consultancy partnerships.’
    • ‘Joan Hayes, who lived in the middle one of the three new bungalows near us, was a State Registered Nurse, so that we had constant attention.’
    • ‘Mrs Brennan was born in what was then Nyasaland and came to Britain in the 1950s to train as a State Registered Nurse.’