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state school

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another term for state university
‘I wanted my answer to talk about all the friends I'd made and how I'd learned at this small state school that I had a passion for journalism.’
  • ‘He said lowered attendance could reduce state school aid by $6 million daily.’
  • ‘TJ was going to state school as well, in case things didn't work out he could be close to home.’
  • ‘US teenager Melissa Brown, who says she will wear a white t-shirt to promote the Day of Purity at her Michigan state school, she was tired of feeling pressurised.’
  • ‘‘I didn't want to go to a huge state school where you're just anonymous,’ she said.’
  • ‘The attempt to influence votes was purportedly an attempt to boost the Democratic fight to prevent the state school from being closed.’
  • ‘Get an associate's degree and then move on to finish your bachelor's at a state school or private university.’


state school

/stāt sko͞ol/ /steɪt skul/