Definition of state servant in English:

state servant


New Zealand
  • A person who works for a department of national or local government; a public servant.

    ‘the Government doesn't have the power to sack a single state servant’
    • ‘Publicly campaigning on a highly politically contentious referendum would be ruled out for any senior state servant.’
    • ‘State servants' employment conditions are a matter for their individual employer.’
    • ‘She's a senior state servant, for goodness' sake!’
    • ‘The obligation of all State servants to remain politically neutral in the performance of their duties precludes neither an interest in political issues, nor involvement in a union.’
    • ‘The Government touts itself as being the great protector of the working-class people of this nation and a great advocate for State servants.’
    • ‘The Treasury secretary has told state servants to lift their game or have change forced on them.’
    • ‘We want to help the judges deliver their role as state servants more efficiently.’
    • ‘Every year the Government pays for state servants, including MPs, to fly 440 million air miles on domestic, trans-Tasman and international air travel.’
    • ‘Exemptions in the bill are related to the role of State servants - the police, and suchlike.’
    • ‘Why waste the valuable time of state servants by bothering them with relentless phone calls requesting information that can be put up on the Net.’