Definition of state socialism in English:

state socialism


  • A political system in which the state has control of industries and services.

    ‘there will be difficulties in turning the country around from state socialism to capitalism’
    • ‘In order to move the country from state capitalism toward state socialism, Allende expropriated the major means of production and promoted massive redistribution to urban and rural workers.’
    • ‘John Maynard Keynes was particularly concerned about socialist revolution, and told governments they would have to adopt some of the policies of state socialism if capitalism, and democracy, were to survive.’
    • ‘The Universal Declaration does not aim for complete equality and it isn't compatible with a political system based on state socialism as it existed in Eastern Europe.’
    • ‘A socially stratified and politically divided society, that was preoccupied with distinctions of social class and the rival ideologies of laissez-faire capitalism and state socialism soon crystallized.’
    • ‘It does not exclude possible nationalisation of some major industries, but it points in a direction which challenges both globalised capitalism and state socialism of the traditional variety.’
    • ‘Colonialism, missionization, the war for independence, and state socialism have all transformed the lived experience as well as the ‘traditions’ of those who carve.’
    • ‘For proof, look no further than the rewriting of clause 4 of Labour's constitution, to reassure the voters that state socialism was dead.’
    • ‘Leftist ideologies, such as anarchism on the one hand and state socialism on the other hand, see the primary causative forces as being external, usually in the form of the economy or the government.’
    • ‘Here Berger reflects upon state socialism's failure in Eastern Europe-a revolution, he reasons, which was ‘made without Utopian illusions’.’
    • ‘Traditional cooperative organization along with many other aspects of state socialism were downplayed.’
    • ‘The drop in production numbers is dearly visible in the case of Bulgaria and Romania which in 1985, the peak year under state socialism, respectively released 40 and 30 feature films.’
    • ‘And why is it that the inhabitants of Eastern Europe appear to be happier now in the midst of their odd chaotic proto-capitalism than they were under perfectly, benevolently planned state socialism?’
    • ‘In 1911, he predicted that revolutionary state socialism would have to be tried before his own century vision of a free and fair society could be realized.’
    • ‘One of these acts is accurate criticism, accurate critical analysis of authoritarian state socialism in North Vietnam or in Cuba or in other countries that the United States is trying to subvert.’
    • ‘However, unlike its predecessor, state socialism, the threat posed to the free market by this kind of religiosity is not grounded in an alternative economic worldview.’
    • ‘The collapse of state socialism has demonstrated the contradictions of seizing state power, and the retreat of social democracy has reinforced the limits of reformism.’
    • ‘The leading theorists of state socialism, the so-called Kathedersozialisten, were fervent supporters of belligerent nationalism.’
    • ‘Modernization of the economy - a Herculean task, considering the dual legacy of state socialism and prolonged conflict - is also under way.’
    • ‘The virtues of state socialism were extolled, and its hundreds of thousands of victims conveniently ignored.’
    • ‘Education in North Korea is geared toward furthering the influence of state socialism.’


state socialism

/ˌstāt ˈsōSHəˌliz(ə)m/ /ˌsteɪt ˈsoʊʃəˌlɪz(ə)m/