Definition of state tenant in English:

state tenant


New Zealand
  • A person who lives in affordable housing provided by the government.

    ‘better-off state tenants can expect to be moved out of their state houses under the next government’
    • ‘I absolutely agree that a State housing agency should be looking after State tenants.’
    • ‘Buyers might not want to spend up to $700,000 to find state tenant neighbours.’
    • ‘As a result of the Government cramming more and more State tenants into an area where there is a marked imbalance between private and State housing, it is inevitable that social dislocations will occur.’
    • ‘State tenants are now benefiting from an income-related rent, saving households up to $60 a week.’
    • ‘The aim is to give the state tenants a guarantee against uncertain enhancements of rent, and against taxation of improvements.’
    • ‘Why would the Minister not allow State tenants to buy their homes, recirculate that capital, and get the waiting list down?’
    • ‘The new system will give state tenants on market rents a financial incentive to get out voluntarily.’
    • ‘Redevelopments are occurring when state tenants already face tenancy reviews replacing the old policy of "a house for life".’
    • ‘The Prime Minister has ruled out returning state tenants to full market rents as under the previous National Government in the 1990s.’
    • ‘Successive Ministers of Housing had wanted the income that any state tenant received from boarders to be counted as income in terms of calculating entitlements.’