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state university

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  • A university managed by the public authorities of a particular US state.

    ‘The cost to the student is as much as one-third less for tuition and fees, and the cost to taxpayers is one-half less for producing a baccalaureate degree at a community college versus a state university.’
    • ‘Two days later I'm told, I get a call from the state university, and the state university says, we have a problem.’
    • ‘Back then, the public looked on the state university as a treasure, even though only a privileged few actually attended college.’
    • ‘The undergraduate library at my alma mater - a state university with about 15,000 undergrads.’
    • ‘Emblematic of his approach is his proposal to pay the first year's tuition to a state university or community college for any student willing to work.’
    • ‘The undergraduate American students were majoring in education at a large state university in the Southwest region of the United States.’
    • ‘The genetic counseling center used in this study provided services to the local community and surrounding area and was located close to a state university in an affluent urban area.’
    • ‘The city served by Program 1 contained a medium-size state university that was a former teacher's college.’
    • ‘Florida Governor Jeb Bush's Talented 20 Program guarantees the top 20 per cent of public high school graduates admission to the state university system.’
    • ‘The contention that the First Amendment forbids a state university to provide a venue for the expression of views antagonistic to conventional Christian beliefs is absurd.’
    • ‘Yet the so-called secular culture of the state university by no means disadvantaged religious practice.’
    • ‘The clearest examples of its proponents were on the religious studies faculty at the state university.’
    • ‘During the 2002-03 school year, two health educators employed by a state university volunteered to assist a School Health Subcommittee in an urban Alabama school system.’
    • ‘The sample consisted of 108 male and 154 female general psychology students enrolled at a regional campus of a Midwestern state university.’
    • ‘At first sight, she looks like a nice, normal high-school girl headed for a state university and happiness of an uncomplicated sort that is rarely the lot of artists.’
    • ‘Annual tuition at the state university is approximately $1,600.’
    • ‘He then went back to Illinois to be tutored for entrance into the state university, from which he graduated in 1884.’
    • ‘I'm halfway through a first-year writing course at a large state university, in a writing program staffed mainly with graduate teaching assistants who teach two courses a semester.’
    • ‘Academics face many problems, and the state university is short on staff and teaching materials.’
    • ‘Page hails from Michigan, where his mother taught computer programming at the state university and where his father was a professor.’


state university

/stāt ˌyo͞onəˈvərsədē/ /steɪt ˌjunəˈvərsədi/