Definition of state vector in English:

state vector


  • A vector in a space whose dimensions correspond to all the independent wave functions of a system, the instantaneous value of the vector conveying all possible information about the state of the system at that instant.

    ‘He then turns to the issue of the collapse of the state vector in quantum mechanics.’
    • ‘Doing so in one order multiplies the state vector by 1 and then by 2, while reversing the order of the observations simply reverses the order in which the s multiplies the state vector.’
    • ‘Each processing epoch began with each element transmitting its state vector and covariance matrix to the others.’
    • ‘Although I stated that Markov processes only depend on the current state, one can extend the paradigm to include one or more previous states by extending the state vector.’
    • ‘This completes the determination of the state vector [M Cs, M Cv, M Ce] from the measured values, a procedure that does not require the measured total-N.’


state vector

/stāt ˈvektər/ /steɪt ˈvɛktər/