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state visit

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  • A ceremonial visit to a foreign country by a head of state.

    ‘George Bush will be visiting on a state visit on 19, 20 and 21 November.’
    • ‘Roh's visit is the first state visit by a South Korean leader.’
    • ‘In fact, with Prince William and Alistair Campbell coming over with the rugby players, we have the state visit to end all state visits.’
    • ‘This the beginning of Mr. Bush's official state visit here to Great Britain.’
    • ‘This week, he becomes only the third sitting U.S. president to make a state visit to sub-Saharan Africa.’
    • ‘His choosing Turkey for his first state visit shows that Baghdad places a high premium on its relations with Ankara.’
    • ‘No U.S. president has ever been accorded a full state visit to Britain.’
    • ‘This comes on the heels of a very successful state visit that President Hu Jintao just recently paid to France.’
    • ‘Just a few weeks ago, Chinese President Jiang Zemin paid a pleasant state visit to Washington.’
    • ‘Purvanov was in Moscow on a three-day official state visit, starting from July 6, at the invitation of Putin.’
    • ‘Gorbachev had a chance to address Katyn during a July 1988 state visit to Warsaw, but dodged the issue.’
    • ‘Iliescu arrived here on Sunday for a five-day state visit aimed at boosting bilateral relations between the two countries.’
    • ‘President Clinton's state visit was an important step for reconciliation between the two countries.’
    • ‘Zhao Ziyang was away on a state visit to North Korea but received the text by telegraph and wired back his total agreement.’
    • ‘He reputedly plays off seven and once kept Queen Elizabeth waiting during her state visit to the country because he was playing golf.’
    • ‘Mbeki will travel to Tunisia on Tuesday for a two-day state visit.’
    • ‘It would be up to Prime Minister Dr Robert Woonton, who is currently on a state visit to China, to announce a firm date, he added.’
    • ‘It appeared shortly after the prime minister returned from a state visit to the Peoples Republic of China with his wife Susan.’
    • ‘New Delhi sniffed that a few hours did not a state visit make.’
    • ‘One of the US presidents asked during a state visit former leader Deng Xiaoping to allow his citizens more freedom.’


state visit

/stāt ˈvizit/ /steɪt ˈvɪzɪt/