Definition of stateroom in English:



  • 1A large room in a palace or public building, for use on formal occasions.

    ‘The Salzburg Mozart Soloists appear regularly in the staterooms of the Mirabell Palace.’
    ‘When we think about the work of diplomats, we think about well - dressed people, like him, but doing polite, discreet work in salons and staterooms.’
    berth, stateroom, compartment, room, deckhouse, sleeping quarters
  • 2A captain's or superior officer's room on a ship.

    • ‘Sometimes they need an entire engine or boiler room, and sometimes only a stateroom or captain's bridge.’
    • ‘Claire recalls sharing a silk-lined stateroom with two other Wrens, with two Wren officers installed next door.’
    • ‘Unlike the Navy's larger warships, the scout frigate CO's had little more than one-man staterooms to serve as office and sleeping quarters.’
    • ‘On his way there, he was kept in an officer's stateroom, where he found a large bottle of sake.’
    • ‘This morning, one of the Aussie midshipmen went by the open door of my stateroom.’
    • ‘On one ship I shared a stateroom with three other women and slept in an upper bunk-still far less crowded conditions than enlisted berthing.’
    1. 2.1A private compartment on a ship.
      • ‘Aft of the forward stateroom is a second port side stateroom with private entrance and what I would describe as a large single or small double berth.’
      • ‘Accommodations are small by comparison to a cruise ship; staterooms can be as small as 135 square feet while a suite with private bath is only 285 square feet.’
      • ‘It is air-conditioned and has 12 staterooms with private bathrooms, TV and VCR.’
      • ‘The staterooms are huge by comparison to other liveaboards, twice that of the average Aggressor cabin.’
      • ‘For most private cars, what you'll pay per person works out to be comparable to accommodations in a veranda or penthouse stateroom on a high-end cruise.’
      • ‘The master stateroom is aft, fitted with twin berths outboard on each side of the cabin.’
      • ‘There were three interior plans offered, two with double staterooms and one with a single owner's stateroom.’
      • ‘The master stateroom is aft and can be reached either from the main saloon or a companionway off the aft deck.’
      • ‘The head is to starboard opposite the galley and there is a large owner's stateroom to starboard aft.’
      • ‘Additionally, a select number of staterooms on all ships are carefully designed to provide comfort and security, ensuring a safe onboard environment for disabled guests.’
      • ‘This layout provided a stateroom with a double berth forward followed by a similar head and galley, although moved slightly forward, and main saloon aft with opposing settees.’
      • ‘The forward stateroom in my boat is so small that you cannot get to the sides of the berth.’
      • ‘Working with a Ft. Lauderdale boatbuilder, Winston Marine, he got a vessel built new with 10 staterooms for sale.’
      • ‘A portside locker door is also double hinged so that it conceals a storage locker or becomes an entrance to the forward stateroom.’
      • ‘Cabins or staterooms as many cruise lines now call them come in many shapes and sizes, but to simplify matters they come in 4 categories.’
      • ‘It has spacious staterooms, an inside pilothouse and an outside steering station.’
      • ‘The most impressive stateroom on the ship is gigantic Penthouse Suite, appointed in a contemporary Scandinavian style.’
      • ‘Finally, each of the staterooms features several of the ship's 15 motifs in addition to oil paintings by American Janine Alter, whose works are inspired by her world travels.’
      • ‘The design will yield a generous space ratio from 195 square-foot cabins to three-deck high staterooms with domed ceilings that can be leased for longer periods.’
      • ‘Even the basic stateroom is akin to a luxury hotel room, with its queen-sized bed, en-suite facilities, air conditioning and even piped-in music, volume-controlled.’
    2. 2.2North American A private compartment on a train.
      • ‘Guys such as long-time volunteer Pat Tracy - he sat in the fireman's seat, on the left, as No. 4449 left town - tossed sleeping bags in tiny Pullman staterooms.’
      • ‘Individual seating was provided for 22 passengers, along with a large private stateroom forward of the main cabin.’
      • ‘In each partition of the stateroom are four large mirrors, substituted for panels these, we need not say, add much, beauty of the room.’
      • ‘Between the main saloon and the forward head is a stateroom with a Pullman-styled port berth and starboard hanging locker, chest of drawers and settee.’



/ˈsteɪtruːm/ /ˈsteɪtrʊm/