Definition of statesperson in English:


nounstatespersons, statespeople

  • A statesman or stateswoman (used as a neutral alternative).

    • ‘Thus preserving the life of the state and the ethical community it envelops becomes a moral duty of the statesperson.’
    • ‘When the prime minister who presided over all of this is hailed as a statesperson and visionary, are we not laying the foundations for full-blown fascism?’
    • ‘He had called the summit to establish his position as a leading European statesperson, and to launch his scheme for the institutionalization of summits in the form of the European Council.’
    • ‘President Eyadema is the longest-serving leader on the African continent and loves to play the elder statesperson - as with his attempt to play a role in the ongoing crisis in Cote d' Ivoire.’
    • ‘While many know Ray as the consummate statesperson for our profession, I have grown to trust Ray as an invaluable friend, colleague and mentor.’