Definition of stateswoman in English:



  • A skilled, experienced, and respected female political leader or figure.

    ‘a senior stateswoman’
    • ‘She proved herself to be a great stateswoman.’
    • ‘She is a military leader who cares for her soldiers and a stateswoman who cares for her nation.’
    • ‘Her view is very Euro-centric for such a global stateswoman.’
    • ‘This book uniquely combines the original documentary sources and scholarly examination of her long and multifaceted career as a stateswoman, politician, educational leader, and visionary.’
    • ‘She sought to paint herself as the stateswoman who provides certainty to business and the community, takes the public into her confidence, and distinguishes between "governing" and "campaigning".’
    • ‘The current special relationship between Britain and the United States becomes on this account something more than an alliance of interests; it is a meeting of minds between types of statesman or stateswoman.’
    • ‘For all the democratic and transparent processes the nation went through last year in electing its present leaders, it has failed to produce a leader who can even remotely be considered a statesman or stateswoman.’
    • ‘She is now being celebrated for what she has always been: a great stateswoman and iconic figure of our time.’
    • ‘If we do that in the case of Bosnia, it is not so difficult to understand why a middle course of muddling through was originally chosen: it is the response that one would expect from any statesman or stateswoman who had a genuine desire to safeguard humanitarian values but no compelling national interest to become directly involved in a conflict and persuasive prudential reasons to stay out.’
    • ‘The job of US ambassador to the world also transformed her from politician to stateswoman.’


Early 17th century from state's woman, after statesman.