Definition of statewide in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Extending throughout a particular state in the US.

    as adjective ‘a statewide health system’
    • ‘A statewide health campaign has movie theaters showing spots that promote fitness.’
    • ‘Florida Banks Inc. is a holding company for a statewide community banking system.’
    • ‘Mounting a statewide testing system is a task beyond the capacity of most state departments of education.’
    • ‘Dr. George Bilicic says it is because he backed a bill to create a new statewide community college system.’
    • ‘The ticketing system stutters under the statewide pressure at football finals time and it is pot luck about how good your seats will be.’
    • ‘Accomplishing these goals in a statewide system as large and diverse as ours is no small accomplishment.’
    • ‘The statewide manager stalked through the aisles menacingly, not speaking a word to Ed and Tony.’
    • ‘There are no standards that have been utilized statewide or even countywide.’
    • ‘What's your view of how the state - how are you doing statewide in other elections, in the House?’
    • ‘At this level, it's only been a statewide investigation, but it's going to get federal.’
    • ‘The next scheduled statewide election after March is nearly a year from now.’
    • ‘Steele is the first African-American ever elected to statewide office in my home state.’
    • ‘The race was still too close to call because provisional ballots statewide have not been counted.’
    • ‘A statewide criminal check may make the most sense for employees who live and go to school in one state.’
    • ‘Our hope is you'll see consolidation of that money so we can have a complete statewide overview.’
    • ‘DeLuca said he is trying to put together a statewide committee that would examine the issue.’
    • ‘When the bill passed, its opponents decided to kill it by bringing it to a statewide referendum.’
    • ‘I don't think the court really likes to order a statewide executive officer of any kind.’
    • ‘There was some talk last year in Florida about taking similar statewide measures.’
    • ‘The New Jersey State Senate voted last week to eliminate its statewide Poet Laureate position.’