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static cling

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  • The adhering of a garment to the wearer's body or to another garment, caused by a buildup of static electricity.

    ‘Have you ever wondered about static electricity and static cling?’
    • ‘What I was suspecting was that these thing were held together by electrostatic forces - static cling - little, very weak, electrostatic forces that holds together grains.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter whether it's a sagging bra strap, static cling, or a potato chip that breaks when you dip it.’
    • ‘To avoid fabric softeners and static cling, line dry your clothing or remove them from the dryer while slightly damp.’
    • ‘These ‘maps ‘are static cling, color-coded guides that slip under the strings and wrap around the neck of a guitar using no glues or adhesives, so they don't damage the guitar.’
    • ‘Well mine only get static cling in spring, so I guess it is only you.’
    • ‘Fabric softener sheets are designed to help eliminate static cling, wipe your television and computer screen with a used sheet to keep dust from resettling.’
    • ‘It will also help to prevent static cling in the dryer.’
    • ‘Atropal began frantically running his stumps through his hair, gathering the nether world equivalent of static cling.’
    • ‘She immediately clung to his leg like a sock with static cling.’
    • ‘It not only prevents static cling, but it also removes soap residue.’
    • ‘A few minor things to consider: If you are traveling in the winter, you may find that static cling is rampant.’
    • ‘Magic BrushOff is a two-sided non-invasive, sponge-like gizmo that has a certain static cling which draws in surface dirt.’
    • ‘I had been using a blush brush, but the static cling effect was terrible.’
    • ‘Lose the cooling fans and the static cling of the monitor.’


static cling

/ˈstadik kliNG/ /ˈstædɪk klɪŋ/