Definition of static line in English:

static line


  • A length of cord used instead of a ripcord for opening a parachute, attached at one end to the aircraft and temporarily snapped to the parachute at the other.

    ‘‘We insert by ram-air parachute from a static line at height and move across the sky to the drop zone, where we get ready to receive the battalion,’ he said.’
    • ‘The static line deploys your parachute within 5 seconds of leaving the aircraft.’
    • ‘We finally make it to our feet and clip our parachute static lines onto the anchor cable.’
    • ‘A para rigger carefully arranges the suspension lines of a static line parachute as part of the packing process.’
    • ‘For the paratroop role, the aircraft is equipped with door-jump platforms and static lines, and can carry up to 24 fully equipped paratroops.’
    • ‘The static lines allowed German flak to concentrate on likely targets, creating a hazardous environment for low-flying aircraft.’
    • ‘After successfully completing a static line jump, a combat rescue officer scans the horizon for other parachutists before recovering his own.’
    • ‘Parachute Training Wing conducts classes in parachute free fall, static line, O2 jumps and a hybrid jump called Ram Air Parachute Static Line.’
    • ‘But we probably can't use a static line here: the airplane's not designed for it, unlike the military jumpships, and this isn't a trivial issue.’
    • ‘As soon as the dispatcher got a call from the pilot on the intercom, he would open a hole in the floor of the fuselage, and hitch the static line of the agent's parachute onto a hook in the plane.’
    • ‘‘Going on oxygen and jumping out of an aeroplane at 25,000 feet either on a static line or free-falling to 5000 feet before pulling the chute places a lot of stress on the individual,’ he said.’
    • ‘If the deployment is forced with a static line the deployment bag design makes almost no difference because it's the dummy weight which pulls the parachute put of the pod.’
    • ‘It was only a few seconds before the static line dragged my chute out and I started having to worry about end cell closures, line twists, getting the steering toggles down and everything else.’


static line

/ˈstadik līn/ /ˈstædɪk laɪn/