Definition of statical in English:



  • 1rare Involving or relating to the measurement of weight or the use of a balance; = "static".

  • 2Originally: †relating to weight or the equilibrium of weight (obsolete). In later use: of or relating to forces in equilibrium or the condition of rest in objects or structures; (of forces) acting to produce or maintain equilibrium; (hence) of or relating to the science of statics.

  • 3Of electricity: = "static".

  • 4Of, relating to, or designating a fixed or stable condition, as distinguished from a state of progress or change. Also: that is in such a condition; constant, invariable. Compare "static". Now chiefly Sociology.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in John Dee (1527–1609), mathematician, astrologer, and antiquary. From post-classical Latin staticus static + -al.