Definition of statically in English:


Pronunciation /-ik(ə)lē/


See static

‘Nothing captures how statically we used to see the Internet as well as ‘information highway,’ an old phrase that embodies pure linearity and the smell of asphalt.’
  • ‘Yet almost unnoticed, Scotland statically boast the most successful line out in the tournament with the highest percentage of wins on their own throw and most steals against the opposition.’
  • ‘This result indicates that water molecules are not statically associated with the interface, but continuously exchange with the bulk solvent on a 1-10-ps time scale.’
  • ‘Tailless birds are highly agile and manoeuvrable (compare modern swifts, Apodidae), but aerodynamically are statically unstable.’
  • ‘Hold the stretches statically, not bouncing, for 30 seconds minimally with 1-2 repetitions on each side per stretch.’