Definition of station-bred in English:



Australian, New Zealand
  • (of an animal) bred on the property and not brought in from elsewhere.

    ‘these station-bred sires were well adapted to the climate and pastures’
    • ‘I find with brumbies they're just as good as station-bred horses.’
    • ‘'Station-bred, by the looks of this brand.' Harry talked away as he passed his hands over Dodger, picking up the horse's feet and looking at his hooves’
    • ‘We recognised then, for the first time, the full, the incalculable, value of station-bred stock, inured to a wet climate and poor soil.’
    • ‘Brumbies unlike the station bred horses weren't used to the sight of humans.’
    • ‘In the meantime he had Sweet Skeet, a station bred mare, and the dam of our stallion, in training.’
    • ‘The Australian Stock Horse evolved from station-bred mares with thoroughbred stallions put over them.’
    • ‘The last cow put up was, so the auctioneer said, stationbred and in full milk.’
    • ‘Although new bloodstock were introduced to upgrade the station horses, it was the stationbred horses that provided the race entrants for many years.’
    • ‘The older foal was built for speed, while Mystery obviously had solid stationbred bloodlines.’
    • ‘Many station bred cattle are a little touchy when first brought in.’