Definition of station-keeping in English:



mass noun
  • The maintenance of a ship's proper position relative to others in a fleet.

    ‘they were practising precise station-keeping’
    • ‘Measures like these to reduce station-keeping multipliers could be applied only insofar as they did not leave the fleet with insufficient forces for war fighting.’
    • ‘In the post-Cold War era, these station-keeping multipliers have been used extensively to justify Navy force levels.’
    • ‘Large forces generated by perturbations during locomotion (e.g., recovering from a fall, predator avoidance, or station-keeping in high winds) may also utilize a greater proportion of geckos' adhesive capacity.’
    • ‘XTAR-EUR, which has a specified service life of 15 years, maintains station-keeping and orbital stability by using bipropellant propulsion and momentum-bias systems.’
    • ‘Another major achievement is the use of ion propulsion technology for satellite station-keeping.’
    • ‘The station-keeping drives are preventing the Curie from descending into a collapsing orbit.’
    • ‘The simulated airdrops allowed the crews to train with station-keeping equipment, used in adverse weather, while using the new procedures for flying in tactical formation.’
    • ‘The engine note rises as the huge catamaran airship jinks and wobbles sideways towards the far end of the pitch and engages its station-keeping motors, then begins to unreel an elevator car the size of a shipping container.’