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station break

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  • A pause between broadcast programs for an announcement of the identity of the station transmitting them, typically also containing commercials.

    ‘The same principle is sometimes used with broadcast advertising when a commercial is continued after a station break or other commercials.’
    • ‘My hair had grown out quite a bit since he'd last seen me; as I did a station break, he stood behind me, running his fingers through my hair.’
    • ‘The changes announced on Thursday would bring clarity to the management structure and would facilitate changes which would help the station break even in the coming year.’
    • ‘The anchor had makeup pancaked on, and it was almost as if in each station break she had reminded herself, ‘Be perky!’’
    • ‘Despite its title and homey station break image, the series is not one of those unchallengingly inspirational religio-fests like Touched By An Angel.’
    • ‘It also feels too much like watching a film on commercial television with station breaks inserted.’
    • ‘Combine the two and you get a non-stop soap opera with few station breaks.’
    • ‘Much of the value of radio for marketers happens between station breaks and sometimes even off the air entirely.’
    • ‘Expect companies such as Kraft and Campbell's to push their packaged goods during station breaks, says Laura Smith, vice president and director of the advertising agency.’
    • ‘Expect Coke and Mountain Dew to make their fair share of cameos during station breaks as well.’


station break

/ˈstāSHən ˌbrāk/ /ˈsteɪʃən ˌbreɪk/