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station house

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  • A police or fire station.

    ‘At dawn, a separate car transported each officer to the station house.’
    • ‘Would a reasonable person in Alvarado's position have felt free simply to get up and walk out of the small room in the station house at will during his 2-hour police interrogation?’
    • ‘Patrol cars pull in and out of a Brooklyn station house, located off a two-mile stretch of low-rent shops and apartments that has seen 16 shootings in the past three weeks.’
    • ‘It seems he wandered into the station house on Easter Sunday and found several of his fellow officers praying!’
    • ‘Police say Ho admitted his attempted bribery back at the station house.’
    • ‘If a rookie cop is assigned to a corrupt station house, he stands a good chance of being corrupted himself.’
    • ‘Indeed, as happened on a recent call to a Manhattan station house, no information at all got recorded when the sergeant answering the phone simply couldn't find a pen.’
    • ‘Twelve of the 30 firefighters from our local station house in Brooklyn died when the World Trade Centre collapsed.’
    • ‘Mary, no doubt felt some class distinction from the English pastoralist's wife, who, with her leisure and her letters, made Irish jokes, and entertained on a grand scale at the station house.’
    • ‘Of course, you could buy a local semi-detached home in turn-key condition for the same price but it would be unlikely to have the charm or village setting of the station house.’
    • ‘The period home was the original station house in the village and had renovated into a residence since the line was stopped 60 years ago.’
    • ‘Officers quickly responded to the scene, which occurred within blocks of the 67th Precinct station house.’
    • ‘They took you to the 30th Street station house, where the two of you were photographed with I.D. numbers hanging from your necks.’
    • ‘Jim pulled into traffic and drove towards Bryce's station house.’
    • ‘They managed to use a telephone in a local drug store and they called the 125th Street station house to report what they had seen.’
    • ‘Why has he not mentioned the outstanding issue of an empty fire station house without an engine or unit?’
    • ‘Her arrival at the High Street station house comes almost a year after she first joined the profession as a retained firefighter providing 24-hour cover at Kettering in Northamptonshire.’
    • ‘She was 12 at the time, and set off cycling from her home, Elvington station house, with five of her friends eager to see the wreckage.’
    • ‘They also performed services such as rescuing lost children or animals or lodging the homeless temporarily in station houses.’
    • ‘An arbitrated settlement in 1992 allowed the city to cut 17 fire units and three station houses.’
    office, depot, base, headquarters, centre


station house

/ˈstāSHən ˌhous/ /ˈsteɪʃən ˌhaʊs/