Definition of station man in English:

station man


  • A person who works on or owns a sheep or cattle station.

    ‘the station men troop in to see the first sheep shorn’
    • ‘The shearing came round on the Maroo just as the station man got back from Queensland.’
    • ‘Most of the evenings at Terinallum — and on all sheep stations — are like this; a station man and his wife, his household and his lonely house, and all around the immense emptiness of the Australian plains.’
    • ‘The station men had taken up position among the boulders beneath the rock-shelters, from which there was no escape other than coming out into the open.’
    • ‘The station men all had some ability to make themselves understood in a mixture of bush English and Anmatyerre or Warlpiri.’
    • ‘Dinny believed that, as the station men approached, a draft of wind had caused the fire-sticks to flare, and given their hiding place away.’
    • ‘One Saturday evening when the station men were all at the homestead collecting their rations and grinding their flour, a howling surge of warriors came across the ridge.’
    • ‘Walking up the street we meet a knot of station-men from the Murray.’
    • ‘The miners, as well as some old drovers and station men, had come to Australia from every nation on earth.’