Definition of station rations in English:

station rations

plural noun

  • An allowance of food and drink given to a worker on a sheep or cattle station.

    ‘she saw a straggling group gathering food to supplement station rations’
    • ‘The men worked hard clearing and fencing in their allotted blocks, receiving the station rations while doing so.’
    • ‘Here they would become acquainted with flour, tea and sugar, station rations shared by their more acculturated kinsmen.’
    • ‘As a child, Daisy ate wild fruit along with the station rations.’
    • ‘A proportion of Aborigines were employed on the stations, thus giving rise to a major distinction between those still mainly dependent on the bush for survival and those more heavily dependent on station rations.’
    • ‘Most Aboriginal people remained in the general region of their own traditional lands, settling on the nearest station, supplementing their station rations by hunting and gathering.’
    • ‘I'll advance you the fifty pounds, and I'll pay you a rabbit scalp bonus of twenty shillings a thousand, and give you station rations.’