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station wagon

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mainly North American
  • A car with a longer body than usual, incorporating a large carrying area behind the seats and having an extra door at the rear for easy loading.

    British term estate car

    ‘the kids were packed in the back of the station wagon’
    • ‘In 1991, Tata Motors introduced a station wagon and later a sport-utility vehicle.’
    • ‘But the Signum has a larger backseat while the station wagon has more cargo space.’
    • ‘So the station wagon has a long rear overhang and three side windows that are approximately the same size.’
    • ‘It's just amazing that a station wagon can pack so much sizzle and excitement in its look and stance.’
    • ‘I believe the public never got over the station wagon they just don't like that name.’
    • ‘Is there anything worse than being viewed as a Chevy station wagon?’
    • ‘Two cars ahead of me was a station wagon that was traveling at about 20 miles per hour.’
    • ‘On the other side, Chrysler was a complete loser in the station wagon space where the minivan would complete squarely.’
    • ‘You rode in the back of the station wagon and faced the cars behind you.’
    • ‘It filled up the trunk and back seat of our station wagon.’
    • ‘They cram into a station wagon - their equivalent of a muscle car - and head out on the highway.’
    • ‘About fifteen minutes later, a station wagon pulled out in front of the farm.’
    • ‘He packed us all in the station wagon and drove down to this little corner and put me on top of a mailbox.’
    • ‘The drive home was quiet and when the station wagon came to a stop everyone was great full to get out.’
    • ‘We hop into her station wagon and head for the San Fernando Valley.’
    • ‘A man in a white station wagon began harassing one of Sakia's friends.’
    • ‘They got out of the yellow station wagon and into the red one as Mrs. Andersonne paid the man the difference between the two cars.’
    • ‘He successfully negotiated the station wagon through the sharp turn.’
    • ‘We take our flowers to market in the back of my station wagon or my husband's pickup, with a cover.’
    • ‘She did not secure it in any way, just placed it in the back of her station wagon, thinking it wouldn't shift during transit.’


station wagon

/ˈstāSHən ˌwaɡən/ /ˈsteɪʃən ˌwæɡən/