Definition of stationary bicycle in English:

stationary bicycle


(also stationary bike)
  • An exercise bike.

    ‘McNabb, who has been riding a stationary bike and exercising in a swimming pool, was scheduled to begin weight-bearing exercises this week.’
    • ‘Instead of simply bench-pressing 250 pounds, they're doing leg exercises, riding stationary bikes and using free weights.’
    • ‘Warm-ups were followed by aerobic exercises using several different modes: stationary bicycles, rowing machines, and ambulation.’
    • ‘Shipping started five months ago and included a literal ton of weightlifting equipment plus two tons of stationary bikes, treadmills and other new exercise equipment.’
    • ‘Try combining working out with free weights to build strength in your arms and upper body, a resistance training program like Pilates, and aerobic exercise like pedaling a stationary bike or swimming.’
    • ‘Indoor resistance training and cardio done on a stationary bike, a Stairmaster or an elliptical trainer.’
    • ‘Twelve males exercised on treadmills and stationary bikes, and scientists measured the amount of fat they burned during different intensities on both machines.’
    • ‘For most of the spring, as he endlessly rode stationary bikes, lifted weights, and ran sprints on the practice field, his rehabilitation was as mental as it was physical.’
    • ‘A person on dialysis is encouraged to exercise. Many dialysis centers have a designed exercise program with stationary bikes and weights.’
    • ‘Resistive exercise equipment and stationary bicycles will be used to provide the 2.5 daily hours of exercise prescribed for each crew member.’
    • ‘The reporters examined his workers' compensation files and discovered he had claimed injuries from falling out of his office chair and exercising on a stationary bicycle, among other things.’
    • ‘The degree of improvement may be assessed by the use of incremental exercise testing on a stationary bicycle or treadmill.’
    • ‘Fortson, who led the league in rebounding before a broken foot sidelined him after six games, is riding a stationary bike and using the treadmill as his rehabilitation intensifies.’
    • ‘He lifts weights, fides the stationary bike, maintains year-round conditioning with a personal trainer.’
    • ‘He'll also occasionally switch things up and perform his cardio on the stationary bike or elliptical trainer.’
    • ‘He spent countless, lonely hours on stationary bikes.’
    • ‘He rides a stationary bike before going to work, where he lifts weights not only for strength but to keep his astonishingly sculptured body perfect.’
    • ‘His cardiovascular conditioning consists of riding a stationary bike and walking in a pool.’
    • ‘Warm up prior to the workout by doing 10 minutes on a stationary bike or cardio alternative, as well as light stretching of muscles to be worked.’
    • ‘In the dark, the five of them had to avoid running into elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, treadmills, and rowing machines.’


stationary bicycle

/ˈstāSHəˌnerē ˈbīˌsikəl/ /ˈsteɪʃəˌnɛri ˈbaɪˌsɪkəl/ /ˈbīsikəl/ /ˈbaɪsɪkəl/