Definition of stationary engine in English:

stationary engine


  • An engine that remains in a fixed position, especially one that drives generators or other machinery in a building.

    ‘On display will be old tractors, implements, stationary engines, model steam engines, vintage motor cycles and cars, crafts and displays.’
    • ‘The event caters for anyone buying or selling vintage tractors, cars, engines, commercials, stationary engines, horse and farm machinery, memorabilia etc. and once again attracted a loyal following.’
    • ‘During Sunday's field day, the club will exhibit a host of attractions including vintage cars, trucks, machinery, stationary engines and household products from the past 70 years.’
    • ‘In the shop at the university, we repaired all types of equipment such as old farm machinery, saw arbors, tractors, and stationary engines.’
    • ‘Other engine starting applications are in aircraft, boats and stationary engines for local electricity generation.’
    • ‘Engines, tractors, cars, transport vehicles of every description and stationary engines and motors of all sorts are on display on the day.’
    • ‘Vintage tractors, cars, motor bikes, stationary engines and exhibits from yesteryear will be on display.’
    • ‘The clock will turn back the years as the great steam engines, old tractors, old and classic cars, pre-war motor bikes and beautiful stationary engines will be on display.’
    • ‘There will also be vintage tractors, vintage cars, stationary engines, bicycles, motorcycles and agricultural machinery.’
    • ‘Today, only a few types of muscle-powered stationary engines remain in use.’
    • ‘On display will be vintage cars, commercials, vintage tractors, stationary engines, scale models and motorbikes, along with the only steam motor cycle in the world.’
    • ‘The auction will feature vintage cars, tractors, commericials, stationary engines, and a host of related matters.’
    • ‘Air measurements for diesel exhaust gases and particles would undoubtedly vary as do stationary engines running under variable loads.’
    • ‘Attractions this year include a range of vintage tractors, cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, stationary engines, displays, craft stalls, horses, side shows, traction engines and children's rides.’
    • ‘The Hall of Wheels exhibitions of transport through the ages, plus stationary engines, but this is more than a hall of wheels having everything from entertaining distorting mirrors to old household items.’
    • ‘Various guided tours in and around Stutterheim were also on offer, including a visit to the stationary engine museum which boasts a number of unique exhibits.’
    • ‘A passenger train collided head-on with a stationary engine in New Delhi on Saturday, killing two people and injuring at least 18 others, police said.’
    • ‘My train had ploughed into a stationary engine just outside Brighton.’
    • ‘Behind the office building is the mill's big stationary engine, rusting in the weeds, but there is little other evidence of the huge sawmill that burned in the early 1960s.’
    • ‘There will also be display of Vintage Machinery which includes in tractors pre 1955, horse drawn equipment, stationary engine, and any other vintage equipment.’


stationary engine

/ˈstāSHəˌnerē ˈenjən/ /ˈsteɪʃəˌnɛri ˈɛndʒən/