Definition of Stations of the Cross in English:

Stations of the Cross

plural noun

  • A series of fourteen pictures or carvings representing successive incidents during Jesus's progress from his condemnation by Pilate to his crucifixion and burial, before which devotions are performed in some Churches.

    • ‘The programme for the Vigil includes Stations of the Cross, Exposition and Concelebrated Mass.’
    • ‘There will be Stations of the Cross on each Tuesday of Lent at 7pm in Facefield church.’
    • ‘The evening Masses at the Church of Christ the King will be on Wednesday and Friday at 7.30 p.m., Stations of the Cross on the Sunday of Lent at 3 p.m., in the Church of Christ the King.’
    • ‘The restoration comes nine years after £750,000 was spent revamping the interior which now has one of the most highly regarded religious commissions - the Adams' Stations of the Cross.’
    • ‘This Friday, April 2, is the First Friday and Mass will be at 7.30 p.m., and Stations of the Cross at 7 p.m.’
    • ‘The Stations of the Cross are every Wednesday in St Patrick's Church at 7.10 pm.’
    • ‘Good Friday brought glorious weather for the carrying of the cross from Marie Villas in Burren Hill to St Mary's Church prior to the Stations of the Cross at 3pm.’
    • ‘A corridor went the length of the house with fourteen Stations of the Cross around the walls.’
    • ‘Later piety has elaborated this motif in the Stations of the Cross, which line the walls of Catholic churches and depict Jesus falling three times under the weight of the cross.’
    • ‘The air is even thinner another 600 metres up into the atmosphere and it is tough going, climbing up past the Stations of the Cross to the Church at the top.’
    • ‘Without that crucifix from which stems the Blessed Sacrament, Stations of the Cross, stigmatas, flagellations, Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, the Shroud of Turin, and so on, there would be no Roman Catholicism.’
    • ‘Plamondon also undertook religious commissions, the most notable being a series of Stations of the Cross for Notre-Dame, Montreal.’
    • ‘Among the lurid, near-blasphemous imagery are the garish plaques depicting the Fourteen Stations of the Cross that were added in 1896.’
    • ‘The second movement is a whistle-stop tour of all fourteen Stations of the Cross.’
    • ‘Perhaps during Lent we could make the special effort of attending extra church services, if possible, which in the case of Catholics could include Mass and the Stations of the Cross.’
    • ‘In the name of liturgical reform, churches that looked like corporate auditoriums were built, chucking out statues, shrinking the Stations of the Cross.’
    • ‘Walking through the Stations of the Cross or praying the rosary is another way to contemplate the mysteries of Jesus.’
    • ‘Of special significance to Christians, the Via Dolorosa follows the Nine Stations of the Cross from St. Stephen's Gate through the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.’
    • ‘In essence, The Passion of the Christ represents a vivid, stylized journey through the 14 Stations of the Cross - a trip made by many devout Catholics every Good Friday.’
    • ‘On Good Friday Stations of the Cross will take place at 3.00 pm, followed by the Celebration of the Lord's Passion, which include the Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion at 8.00 pm.’