Definition of statistical linguistics in English:

statistical linguistics

plural noun

treated as singular
  • The application of statistical techniques to language analysis, typically using a large machine-readable corpus, in order to discover general principles of linguistic behaviour, genre difference, etc.

    • ‘The issue relates very clearly to themes in statistical linguistics.’
    • ‘The basic information you need in statistical linguistics is the frequency of some items.’
    • ‘Typical examples are the ecological abundance of species, vocabularies in statistical linguistics, and patterns in archaeological artifacts.’
    • ‘This book is of interest not only for its technical proposals for integrating formal language theory with statistical linguistics, but also for its exemplar-based epistemology.’
    • ‘I am a linguist active in computational and statistical linguistics.’
    • ‘Although several contributors to statistical linguistics have been distinguished mathematicians, the subject has usually exploited standard mathematical concepts without making novel contributions to statistical theory.’
    • ‘The underlying process is what I find fascinating, perhaps because of my personal involvement with one of the earliest search engines - Architext, later called Excite - that also took a statistical linguistics approach.’
    • ‘With centered around language, our lab is doing research in the field of linguistics, such as computer linguistics, statistical linguistics and cognitive linguistics.’