Definition of statistical physics in English:

statistical physics

plural noun

treated as singular
  • A branch of physics concerned with large numbers of particles to which statistics can be applied.

    ‘Pattern-recognition research is linked to information theory, control theory, statistical physics, dynamical systems theory, and mathematical optimization theory.’
    • ‘Under Einstein's influence, Stern became interested in light quanta, the nature of atoms, magnetism, and statistical physics.’
    • ‘Let's assume that voters interact with each other just as electrons do in the well-known Ising model in statistical physics.’
    • ‘Rayleigh applied these techniques of statistical physics to the problem of how energy is distributed among the different frequencies in the case of black body radiation.’
    • ‘As a result, statistical physics describing time-dependent fluctuations in equilibrium systems is anticipated to acquire dynamical character.’
    • ‘Maxwell's demon, which extracts work from a thermodynamic system by acquiring information about it, has for more than a century been a favorite thought-experiment in the foundations of statistical physics.’
    • ‘Even in models as complex as Sugarscape, however, some of the properties that emerge can be interpreted and rationalized by drawing on the experience that statistical physics has with simpler systems.’
    • ‘Thus statistical physics has not revealed whether the universe is ‘really’ stochastic or deterministic.’
    • ‘The team includes experts in pattern recognition, geodynamics, seismology, chaos theory, statistical physics and public safety.’
    • ‘For decades undergraduates the world over have studied this phenomenon as a textbook problem in statistical physics.’
    • ‘Our results prove that the heuristic predictions of statistical physics in this context are essentially correct.’
    • ‘This work seeks to address these issues by proposing a model of cardiac thin filament activation using an Ising model approach from equilibrium statistical physics.’
    • ‘To approach this biological problem from a computational perspective, researchers applied statistical physics to complex ecosystems.’
    • ‘They began with the critical percolation cluster, which is a famous mathematical structure of great interest in statistical physics.’
    • ‘To me the great charms of statistical physics lies in its connection with parts of mathematics with which otherwise one rarely comes in contact.’
    • ‘I prefer to see us as channeled, although emergent and I am grateful for the detailed guidance that we get from genes, network phenomena, and statistical physics.’
    • ‘Bose's shock of white hair and friendly personality was probably last in evidence ant a public function in January of this year, when an international symposium on statistical physics was held in Calcutta.’
    • ‘Here we show that a combination of molecular modeling and statistical physics can be used successfully to understand the stretching behavior of DNA.’
    • ‘These thermal forces are well characterized by the laws of statistical physics, and shape fluctuations can be used for rigidity measurements.’
    • ‘The tools and techniques of statistical physics are ideally suited to them.’


statistical physics

/stəˈtistəkəl ˈfiziks/ /stəˈtɪstəkəl ˈfɪzɪks/