Definition of statistically in English:



  • According to or by means of statistics.

    ‘all observation data were statistically analysed’
    ‘the results are statistically significant’
    sentence adverb ‘statistically speaking, the risk of death is remote’
    • ‘The impact of beef advertising expenditures on pork intake is not statistically different from zero.’
    • ‘Vast changes in US agriculture have shrunk the number of full-time commercial farmers from millions to a statistically insignificant few hundred thousand.’
    • ‘The orchard's neat, precise rows of trees make a perfect grid for laying out these mathematically correct, statistically sound field studies.’
    • ‘Statistically, they are far more likely to break the law by shoplifting than asylum seekers are to commit any crime.’
    • ‘The data were statistically compared by means of a three-way analysis.’