Definition of statolith in English:



  • 1Zoology
    A calcareous particle in the statocysts of invertebrates that stimulates sensory receptors in response to gravity, so enabling balance and orientation.

    • ‘They have these little statoliths or balance organs in the back of their head and we can section those and look under a microscope and have daily rings just like tree rings in a tree stump.’
    • ‘The combination of the statocysts and the statolith aids the mussel in maintaining equilibrium by sensing gravity.’
    • ‘Thus, a model for gravitropism in stem-like organs is proposed in which F-actin modulates the gravity response by actively participating in statolith repositioning within the endodermal statocytes.’
    • ‘The head is analogous to a statolith, the movements of which are monitored by fields of hair sensilla located on the head, neck, and prothorax.’
    • ‘The sagittal section contains the statolith and the internal structure of the two lens eyes.’
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      another term for otolith