Definition of statoscope in English:



  • A form of aneroid barometer for measuring minute variations of pressure, used especially to indicate the altitude of an aircraft.

    ‘There he developed mechanical devises such as the statoscope, cars, motorized invalid chairs, power scooters, and various amusement park rides.’
    • ‘Since in the seventies additional sensors like the statoscope and later on the application of differential GPS were introduced to measure the elements of the sensor orientation in a direct way.’
    • ‘Mr. Custer is the inventor of the statoscope, an instrument for recording the rise or fall in a balloon, and his talk will undoubtedly be of great interest to all.’
    • ‘The most important instruments for flight included: a magnetic compass for the rudder man; a gyro-compass, altimeter, variometer, statoscope, inclinometers, and air & gas thermometers for the elevator man.’
    • ‘Besides the adjustment of photogrammetric observations from independent models and control points, the program includes optional simultaneous adjustment of height information from shoreline points of lakes or sea and observations from APR and statoscope to reduce the number of necessary height control points.’
    • ‘The implementation of additional steps in the safe job working procedure (i.e., testing the bushings with a ‘noisy tester’ or statoscope) prior to performance of maintenance would indicate to the employee the presence or non-presence of electrical energy in the bushings.’



/ˈstadəˌskōp/ /ˈstædəˌskoʊp/


Early 20th century from Greek statos ‘standing’+ -scope.