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plural noun

short for statistics
‘All I know about stats is that the definition of statistical significance is something of a moot point.’
  • ‘Obsessing over traffic stats is a common symptom amongst new bloggers.’
  • ‘If experienced soloists spent more time playing Italy, its stats would improve - right?’
  • ‘First, we have been rightfully taught to always question stats and not to generalise them.’
  • ‘To help you find the best players for your roster, you get an extensive list of stats.’
  • ‘Interesting angle, but how would that tally with the birth order stats?’
  • ‘But I have to say Noel that the stats would say that overall wealth has gone up.’
  • ‘The recent debate on lbw percentages in Australia needs to be looked at more scientifically than just bare stats.’
  • ‘Well in my opinion the collection of stats here doesn't really help us at all.’
  • ‘Every now and then amongst the usual searches I get some strange search requests from Google appear in my stats.’
  • ‘It never ceases to bring a warm glow when I check my stats and see the search hits I get for a certain bad value bathroom company.’
  • ‘Does anyone have any stats on how many African Americans own passports?’
  • ‘After the dismissals in the Lahore test, I decided to dig up some stats to see if this could be backed up.’
  • ‘Your stats on how many people died of the flu in the USA last year, however, made me flinch.’
  • ‘Are there any sociologists here who might have stats for these things?’
  • ‘For a man who remains, by his own admission, a great believer that stats do not lie, that is a surprising oversight.’
  • ‘This picture comes from the recent page of my blog site stats and these two visitors in-particular stood out.’
  • ‘Price's insistence that his side did not put the visitors' keeper to work was not reflected in the match stats.’
  • ‘So it's been with some self-satisfaction that I have been reading the stats this past two weeks.’
  • ‘I told her that they were the stats for my weblog, and explained what a weblog is.’



/stats/ /stæts/