Definition of Statue of Liberty play in English:

Statue of Liberty play


American Football
  • A trick play in which a ballcarrier takes the ball from the quarterback, who is poised as if to make a forward pass.

    • ‘We also know that Boise pulled the upset by beating Oklahoma 43-42 on a heart stopping Statue of Liberty play that surprised everyone including the Sooners.’
    • ‘Obviously they are not a Boise State fans since the Statue of Liberty play was part of one of the most entertaining games I have ever seen.’
    • ‘The third was the Statue of Liberty play involving Zabransky and running back Ian Johnson on the winning two-point conversion.’
    • ‘After all, Boise St. used a hook and ladder, had its wide receiver throw a touchdown pass on a critical fourth down, and won the game with a Statue of Liberty play.’
    • ‘The most recent example came Saturday night in the NFL preseason when the Miami Dolphins ran a Statue of Liberty play.’