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  • A small statue or figurine, especially one that is smaller than life-size.

    ‘These call attention to tie fact that Frey's large sculptures often look like ordinary, blocky statuettes or cheap figurines that have been enlarged to humongous size.’
    • ‘The small Greek figurines known as Tanagra statuettes were mass produced from moulds, and reproduce everyday life as well as copies of famous statues.’
    • ‘The Quentin Foundation has assembled a topflight collection of renaissance and baroque bronze statuettes, including some of the boldest statements made by Mannerist and baroque sculptors.’
    • ‘The foreign and attractive objects Carpaccio portrays acquire an undeniable prestige, receiving the same precise treatment as the small bronze statuettes of Italian manufacture.’
    • ‘A bronze statuette of a Persian dancing boy with a high hat, long sleeves and pointed shoes also testifies to the ubiquity of foreign performers.’
    • ‘Stone carvings and marble statuettes from Uttar Pradesh are on display along with statues, hookahs and plates made of brass coated with enamel.’
    • ‘The iconography of the Liege statuette further refutes the notion that it could have been offered in atonement.’
    • ‘Forman has photographed all of the presidential statuettes from Washington through Nixon, though not all the images were exhibited.’
    • ‘Moore himself requested the loan of the statuette for his show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1946.’
    • ‘Some of the interesting works available at the exhibition are bronze statuettes inspired by the metal sculpting of the Gupta and Chola period and a Panchloha sculpture of Lord Krishna playing the flute.’
    • ‘The reduced-scale copies of statuettes featured in these early photographs reflect a growing bourgeois market for such things, and with it the commercialization of art making itself.’
    • ‘Tradition requires the carver to give both statuettes the same facial features to emphasize the oneness in their twoness, even if the deceased twins were not identical.’
    • ‘But in France silver statuettes are documented as having at least faces and hands painted, as distinct from being enamelled, from the early fourteenth century onwards.’
    • ‘Such photographs are thought to have spiritual powers and are sometimes placed in shrines, receiving offerings of food like the carved statuettes.’
    • ‘The Queen was presented with a bronze statuette of a mines rescue worker and visited a memorial garden for those who died underground at the pit which was finally closed in 1993.’
    • ‘In a chapter about the origins of the griffin in classical thought, she describes a large collection of bronze griffin statuettes excavated from a sanctuary on Samos.’
    • ‘Armies of gilded statuettes of saintly figures adorned little notches in the chiselled stone walls and framed iconographic pictures hung from any spaces which weren't already occupied.’
    • ‘You see a small statue based on Edgar Degas' ballet dancers, along with other statuettes and a huge poster of cave art from Lascaux, France.’
    • ‘Marble building model with four square columns and four statuettes of female deities, from Hatra, second to third century A.D.’
    • ‘On show at the festival are leather goods, clay statuettes, wooden showpieces, handloom garments, jute bags, paper articles, metal crafts and so on.’



/ˌstaCHəˈwet/ /ˌstætʃəˈwɛt/


Mid 18th century from French, diminutive of statue.