Definition of status epilepticus in English:

status epilepticus


  • A dangerous condition in which epileptic seizures follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them.

    ‘In most cases of alcohol withdrawal seizures, adding anticonvulsants to benzodiazepines is unnecessary, unless the patient develops status epilepticus.’
    • ‘The first symptom of the disease in the majority of the patients was development of seizures, and 20% presented with status epilepticus.’
    • ‘It has been postulated that mesial temporal sclerosis may be related to a complicated delivery, febrile convulsions during childhood, and status epilepticus.’
    • ‘Abrupt discontinuation of antiepileptic medication can lead to status epilepticus.’
    • ‘Management of status epilepticus must occur rapidly and in a coordinated fashion.’


status epilepticus

/ˌstādəs ˌepəˈleptəkəs/ /ˌsteɪdəs ˌɛpəˈlɛptəkəs/ /ˌstadəs ˌepəˈleptəkəs/ /ˌstædəs ˌɛpəˈlɛptəkəs/


Modern Latin.