Definition of stave church in English:

stave church


  • A church of a type built in Norway from the 11th to the 13th century, the walls of which were constructed of upright planks or staves.

    • ‘In the nineteenth century, Pietists in Norway burned some of the celebrated ancient stave churches as their grotesque timber carvings were, again, considered idolatrous.’
    • ‘The recent burning of some of the unique carved wood stave churches of Scandinavia in a bizarre attempt to reawaken the spirit of Valhalla made a more sophisticated understanding imperative.’
    • ‘In Nordic stave churches, the mystery of the forest was fixed and explained as ‘dark light’.’
    • ‘It is one of the best preserved stave churches and it has not been added or rebuilt since it was new.’
    • ‘This may very well be one of the reasons why some stave churches have stood for over eight hundred years.’
    • ‘The stave churches were built by the Christians in Scandinavia between the 10th and 15th centuries.’
    • ‘Even though all the stave churches had structural differences but they have a recognizable general impression.’
    • ‘Urnes is the only stave church listed on the World Heritage List from the United Nations.’
    • ‘Many of the stave churches found in Trøndelag were probably made in this style.’
    • ‘The church in Urnes was built around 1050, and is generally agreed to be the oldest stave church.’
    • ‘Most of the stave churches of this type were demolished, or extended and rebuilt.’
    • ‘The only tools used in the construction of the stave churches were axes, augers, primitive planes, and various knives and chisels.’
    • ‘Many places in Scandinavia, however, still have these wooden buildings, and one of the most remarkable of examples is the stave church found in Borgund.’
    • ‘Sogn is the only district in Norway to retain so many medieval stave churches and also stone churches from the same period.’
    • ‘In Norway some of the stave churches have been mowed into museum, Gol stave church have been mowed from Gol to Bygdøy close to Oslo, Gol has got a new copy of the old church.’
    • ‘Unique to Norway, the stave church is one of the most visible examples of the convergence of the country's Christian and pagan cultures.’
    • ‘As a group the stave churches are among the oldest wooden buildings anywhere in the world, quite distinctive from other churches.’
    • ‘In this article the stave church of Røldal is discussed.’
    • ‘For more than 160 years, researchers have conducted investigations into the churches which existed before the stave churches in Norway, and pointed out possible prototypes both at home and abroad.’
    • ‘Historians estimate there may have been as many as one thousand wooden stave churches built in Norway between 1100 and 1300.’