Definition of stay bar in English:

stay bar


  • A support used in building or in machinery.

    • ‘The Light mesh adhering to the back is strung on the bow shaped stay bar made of thin steel straps.’
    • ‘This invention relates to a cartridge for securing stay bars in bore holes by means of polyurethane resins.’
    • ‘The new design adds strength to the stay bar mechanism reducing the risk of lateral damage.’
    • ‘I also made up the stay bars that take the main towing forces and then fitted it all together on the truck.’
    • ‘When the stay bars are welded, the remaining space must therefore be higher than the layers of material to be cut.’
    • ‘The automatic stay bars commencement or continuation of any proceedings against the debtor or the debtor's property.’
    • ‘The required number of seamless stay tubes and stay bars are fitted in all boilers.’
    • ‘Where excessive sag in a horizontal bar is anticipated a welded connection cleat can be made to the turnbuckle for hanger and stay bars to be connected.’
    • ‘Remove the stay bar and push the tube up past the limit switches for tilt.’
    • ‘Steeda Sport Springs, and upgraded stay bars are found both front and rear.’
    • ‘The annual output of aluminium alloy stay bar is up to 700 thousand, Nylon stay bar is up to 1.2 million, PP handrail and plastic shell are up to 1 million.’
    • ‘Each movable bar has an end pivotally connected to the stay link block, the other ends are respectively pivotally connected to connecting blocks which secured to the two ends of the stay bar.’
    • ‘It is of course possible to mount a simple seat, a roof or a plastic cover to provide protection from the weather on this stay bar.’