Definition of stay over in English:

stay over

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phrasal verb

  • (of a guest or visitor) sleep somewhere, especially at someone's home, for the night.

    ‘children stay over at each other's houses more often than they did’
    • ‘I stayed over on Saturday night, and we slept in the same bed.’
    • ‘Whilst staying over for the night she said a number of incidents took place.’
    • ‘This would be very regrettable as I'm sure the local shops and restaurants, particularly in the evening, benefit from some visitors staying over.’
    • ‘I'm going out tomorrow night and probably staying over at somebody's house, so it's likely to be a late night/early morning.’
    • ‘It was also mentioned that some supporters are taking in the Mayo Dance in Galway on the Friday night and staying over for the game on Sunday.’
    • ‘We had ten people staying over on Saturday night, which was lovely obviously, but which I think the cats found rather traumatic.’
    • ‘One night we were all staying over in a youth hostel located just next to a stretch of water.’
    • ‘The hotel was nice, and I stayed over on Saturday night, but my upgraded ‘deluxe’ room turned out to be next to the elevator shafts.’
    • ‘I stayed over with Mia at her sister's flat which was just a very short walk from the theatre.’
    • ‘The majority of occupiers stay over for one night and therefore the unit is occupied by an ever-changing group of up to five unrelated individuals.’
    • ‘And they wanted plenty of bedrooms so guests could stay over easily.’
    • ‘In an attempt to keep things ordinary, we asked some of his friends to stay over on Friday night.’
    • ‘Visitors staying over weren't exactly out of the ordinary.’
    • ‘My friend was staying over for 2 nights from Miami.’
    • ‘Why was Henry even staying over for two nights when he had a house across town?’
    • ‘One Friday night, the girls stayed over at Jamie's house.’
    • ‘I was sure I had bypassed that late snowstorm that hit Denver last night, when I stayed over at my cousin's.’
    • ‘Our plans were to stay over that night in Pontiac, in order to get the Amtrak mileage between Detroit and Pontiac.’
    • ‘My mom already said I could have some people stay over for the night, and I choose you three.’
    • ‘If you want to fly out on a weekday and fly back before the weekend, it costs a lot more then if you are prepared to stay over for the Saturday night.’