Definition of stay with in English:

stay with

phrasal verb

  • 1Remain in the mind or memory of.

    ‘Gary's words stayed with her all evening’
    • ‘Although he went on to serve in North Africa, it is the memory of Dunkirk which stays with him above all else.’
    • ‘Those who go away never return, but their memory stays with us forever.’
    • ‘When I was a camper in upstate New York, I experienced bullying and the memory of that has stayed with me always.’
    • ‘Memories of it stayed with me for years, but I wish that I had kept a journal and made note of the details.’
    • ‘The experience and memories will no doubt stay with the boys forever.’
    • ‘I have rescued just about every animal you can think of and it's those memories that will always stay with me.’
    • ‘But his warm words of love stayed with her, filling her mind and making her heart sing.’
    • ‘What stays with you is the spaciousness and grace of these songs, not necessarily the individual sounds.’
    • ‘The print words stayed with her and she pondered how to tell their tale.’
    • ‘The sun had gone for the time being but the memory of it stayed with me, sweet and languid, discouraging activity of any kind.’
    • ‘The pain from the blow would pass but the pain from the word stayed with him forever.’
    • ‘Make the last words stay with the listener long after you have left the spotlight.’
    • ‘But Madeline's words stayed with me for the rest of the morning and made their way into the afternoon with me.’
    • ‘And although I didn't understand what he meant at the time, the words stayed with me.’
    • ‘She knew she should just accept her cousin's death as natural, but an unsettled feeling continued to stay with her.’
    • ‘It's not only the kind of film that stays with you long after the images fade to black, it is one of the most thought-provoking documentaries in a long time.’
    • ‘‘Once you have seen these patients in such pain, it is carved into you and stays with you for the rest of your life,’ said a relative of a lung cancer victim.’
    • ‘It has been heartbreaking to lose so many times because it stays with you and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.’
    • ‘I mention it for one reason: because that night over dinner, he said something that stays with me today.’
    • ‘I think we're often a bit harsh on people who don't perform, so that sense of shame stays with people.’
  • 2Continue or persevere with (an activity or task)

    ‘the incentive needed to stay with a healthy diet’
    • ‘I think what helped us persevere and stay with it was that we kind of fell in love with our subjects.’
    • ‘That being said, however, there are a few ways you can help condition your mind to stay with the task at hand.’
    • ‘To avoid health problems, stay with balanced diets and fitness routines.’
    • ‘Was there a core of people organized and prepared to stay with a sustained campaign so as to provide continuity?’
    • ‘In the interests of continuity, the selectors would seem likely to stay with what they have got for at least one more match.’
    • ‘No longer under its self-defined political imperative to alter core policy in the short term to win government, the party stays with the policy that so deeply offends most members.’
    • ‘Retired in 2000, he still finds coaching second best to riding, but stays with it because it is as close as he can get.’
    • ‘Why did you choose to stay with the American open-wheel racing?’
    • ‘However, it is clear from their display, if this group of players stay with it that silver is on the way in the near future.’
    • ‘His brother, Graham, might have been an amateur international had he stayed with it.’
    • ‘She said she was boosted by her team-mates, who urged her to stay with it as she moved on to the javelin.’
    • ‘Conventional thinking says that if he stays with it for two more years, he'll be a polished, pro-ready quarterback.’
  • 3(of a competitor or player) keep up with (another) during a race or match.

    ‘Smith is so quick that an offensive tackle can't stay with him’
    • ‘Another concern is that Payton appeared to wear down with the Lakers in the postseason, and he had trouble staying with speedy opposing players.’
    • ‘Both players should be aggressive staying with the player they have switched without retreating.’
    • ‘Herndon had trouble staying with faster receivers and matching up with bigger ones.’
    • ‘Rodgers has the speed to stay with atoning backs and the strength to match up with tight ends.’
    • ‘Jamaal Tinsley and Kevin Ollie weren't strong enough or quick enough to stay with Kidd.’
    • ‘McQuarters is a smooth athlete who lacks top speed, but he can stay with most receivers.’
    • ‘Rodgers is a good athlete and has enough speed to stay with tight ends and running backs.’
    • ‘The linemen must do a better job of staying with their blocks until the play is over.’
    • ‘If the defender in the middle opts to stay with Faulk, the clear-out receiver now is wide open.’
    • ‘He has the ability to chase down running plays, rush the passer and stay with most backs in coverage.’
    • ‘Townsend is fast and athletic, which allows him to stay with the receiver and make plays.’
    • ‘Freeman played cornerback in college and is fast enough to stay with wide receivers.’
    • ‘If Grissom fails, it will be interesting to see how long Lopes stays with him.’