Definición de staysail en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈstāsəl/ /ˈsteɪsəl/ /ˈstāˌsāl/ /ˈsteɪˌseɪl/


  • A triangular fore-and-aft sail extended on a stay.

    ‘At sunset, we had 5 sails up in a vain attempt to catch what little wind there was - jib, stay, main, mizzen staysail and the mizzen.’
    • ‘Once those were set, we set three staysails in the bow, and one staysail between each pair of masts.’
    • ‘The new small staysails help to clean up the turbulent flow and improve the mainsail's efficiency.’
    • ‘The schooner shown her with all sails set, with the exception of the staysails between the masts.’
    • ‘We can carry the spinnaker in combination with the mizzen staysail or we can carry either alone.’
    • ‘This was the reason many sailing vessels used combinations of square sails and staysails for their rigs.’
    • ‘The sheets for all of the staysails are led to sheetstoppers on the cabin top just forward of the cockpit.’
    • ‘Now the yards of the mizzen mast are braced around and the sheets of the staysails are eased.’
    • ‘Self-tacking jibs and staysails work well with furling systems and with jib booms.’
    • ‘Our staysail is in very good shape, but doesn't have an ideal sheeting angle for pointing up high.’
    • ‘A full array of triangular jibs and staysails might be included before or between the masts.’
    • ‘Your approach will work but the sail will not be nearly as good as one designed as a staysail to begin with.’
    • ‘When it happened, I had a single reefed mainsail and the staysail up - and Doha was charging along at 20 knots.’
    • ‘We just woke up to take down our large jib and hoisted a smaller staysail in its place.’
    • ‘Mainsails, genoas, working jibs and staysails, spinnakers, storm jibs, and trisails are all discussed in depth.’
    • ‘Clipper ships often carried additional square sails on either side of the main square sails, and staysails were frequently rigged to the stays.’
    • ‘In seriously poor weather, only the lower staysails are used.’
    • ‘Finally, she had a set of sails called staysails to help her keep her course.’
    • ‘Sunday, 20 May 2007 I worked in the cargohold tidying up, shifting cargo, and pulling out the old staysail to use as a jib.’
    • ‘All three sails are on a pair of sheets at the moment and I am building a new boomed staysail because I want a self tacking boat when I am on my own.’