Definition of steak knife in English:

steak knife


  • A knife with a serrated blade for use when eating steak.

    • ‘Other building residents testified about finding a bloodied steak knife the next day that had been partly hidden under a clothes dryer in the building's laundry room.’
    • ‘She fended me off with a steak knife, Whenever I'd thrust, she'd parry.’
    • ‘He waved a steak knife and demanded she hand over the till's £70 contents.’
    • ‘His shop is closed on Wednesday, but on Thursday he was back at the hospital casualty department after dropping a steak knife that cut his shin to the bone.’
    • ‘I didn't turn my back on his steak knife all through lunch.’
    • ‘The man was subdued by pepper spray and was found to be carrying a steak knife and some kind of religious book.’
    • ‘Detectives were today hunting a vicious gang who held a steak knife to a teenager's throat before robbing him.’
    • ‘When they caught him, they found he was again in possession of a small amount of cannabis and was carrying a steak knife.’
    • ‘An accident with a steak knife saw him cutting into his middle finger and nearly losing the end of a thumb.’
    • ‘‘Here,’ Jennifer answered softly, putting the steak knife back down on the table and stepping out of the kitchen.’
    • ‘But you do have to eat smarter when you put the steak knife away.’
    • ‘He smiled and tossed the steak knife onto the side-table.’
    • ‘I got out some pliers, a screwdriver, and a steak knife I took from a restaurant while I was a dishwasher.’
    • ‘He opens the drawer, grabs a steak knife, and cuts the plastic seal from the pizza and throws it into the trashcan.’
    • ‘And then she saw her steak knife, which was still on the tray to which her lunch had been on earlier.’
    • ‘Jack spotted a small steak knife protruding a few centimeters outward on one of the kitchen cabinets.’