Definition of steak tartare in English:

steak tartare


mass noun
  • A dish consisting of raw minced steak mixed with raw egg, onion, and seasonings and shaped into small cakes or patties.

    • ‘Meat is rarely consumed raw, although some cultures include the practice and one or two western dishes, notably steak tartare, do call for raw meat.’
    • ‘Kibbeh, a mixture of cracked wheat and minced lamb is good, but it is worth remembering that this is a dish, like steak tartare, of raw meat.’
    • ‘Their version of steak tartare turned out to be a disastrous agglomeration of purplish burger meat bristling, hedgehog-style, with inedible, overly dry toast points.’
    • ‘I have modelled this recipe on the famous steak tartare, and added a little Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard as well.’
    • ‘And if steak tartare were as popular as hamburger, the absolutely stunning, caper-studded, mustard-spiked version he brings to the table would be reason enough to ensure lines out the door.’
    • ‘In between fondues, I tackled a basket of tiny cheese puffs called gougères, a fairly bland steak tartare, and a bowl of delicious escargots sealed in a buttery pastry crust.’
    • ‘I enjoyed a combination of julienned raw beef with daikon, sweet rice vinegar, and raw egg yolk that produced a steak tartare with some sweetness and crunch.’
    • ‘Among the twelve starters, the steak tartare was my favorite, with cubes of coarsely chopped, instead of ground, beef.’
    • ‘The first night of my honeymoon in Paris, my wife fell asleep in her steak tartare, so my trotter kept me company.’
    • ‘Thanks to exports of contaminated animal feeds from France's British chums, it was no longer safe to eat steak tartare, faux filet, boeuf bourgignon - those very staples of French cuisine.’
    • ‘On our first visit, we warmed up with the marrow bones and the always excellent steak tartare, which the Brombergs whip into a kind of silky, pink paste and bury in mounds of waffle chips.’
    • ‘To think that I, a respected online food journalist, could be seduced by plates and plates of Buffalo steak tartare?’
    • ‘What I can never resist is the excellent steak tartare which you so seldom see on a menu nowadays served with fried quail's egg, crème fraîche and chips.’
    • ‘In the 1600s, German sailors returned to port in Hamburg with steak tartare - raw ground beef with egg and spices - from Russia, called it Hamburg Steak and ate it raw or cooked.’
    • ‘I'll trade you one apology for McDonald's Filet-o-Fish in exchange for a mea culpa over haggis or steak tartare.’
    • ‘The ingredients that give the French classic steak tartare its characteristic flavor are just as easily tossed with roasted chopped beets for an earthy, low-fat appetizer.’
    • ‘For dinner, it's salad, rice or pasta, broccoli or asparagus, and chicken, fish or steak tartare.’
    • ‘I started with steak tartare, topped with a fried quail's egg and served with celeriac remoulade, while my friend Lucinda went for the crotin, a disc of goat's cheese wrapped in filo pastry.’
    • ‘Toxoplasmosis, an infection you don't often hear about, but you should, because it could be lurking in a steak tartare near you.’
    • ‘You can eat steak tartare without wondering whether Mad Cow Disease will get you in 30 years' time.’


steak tartare

/steɪkt ɑːˈtɑː/